Friday, April 24, 2009

20.6 miles - Commute/Errands - 65 degrees - 4/24/09

20.6 miles
avg 17.8
28.4 max

Was going to take the Old Trek Commuter today, but I am having trouble getting it to shift properly due to a bad mesh of parts. I am going to get a new crank set, chain, cassette and front derailleur for it and then it should be quite a sweeeet ride!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7.9 miles - Commute - 4/21/09 - 45 degrees

7.9 miles
avg 17.2
max 31.9

17.45 - Commute x2 - 4/18 - 4/19/09

17.45 miles
avg 16.4
max 32.0
cal 593.9
Winter Commuter (i.e., Swamp Monster)

Friday, April 17, 2009

23.8 miles - Hutch-Spur/Cedar Lake/Noodles and Co/Lk-o-the-Isles/Lake Calhoun/Trader Joes - 73 degrees - 4/17/09

23.8 miles
17.7 avg
26.3 max


Monday, April 13, 2009

50.4 miles - CRC/Fort Snelling/E River Pkwy/UMN/Theo Wirth/Penn Cycle/Fern Hill/Minnetonka Blvd - 55 degrees - 4/13/09

50.4 miles
17.6 avg
31.0 max

What a great ride....I must've had tons of energy from Easter candy and Easter meal stored up from the day before....I didn't bonk from lack of food until 4 miles from home...I need to make a note to self that anything over 35 miles I need some provisions...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

12 miles - Lake Calhoun/SW Corridor - 4/12/09

12 miles
45 minutes
Fisher Burley Puller with ride-a-long

Attached the ride-a-long today and Liam and I went for a cruise down to Lake Calhoun...I forgot how much I love pulling Liam around....and it is a good workout.

22.2 miles - Cedar Lake Tr/Bryn Mar/Theo Wirth/Cedar Lake/SW Corridor - 4/10/09

22.2 miles
25.4 max
17.7 avg

Nice ride...felt good...finally had an 18.0 average MPH until I hit the neighborhood and stopped to talk to a friend and it dropped while riding slowly to a 17.7...but I felt really good this ride...

13.64 miles - Errands - 4/10/09

13.64 miles
16.8 avg
31.6 max
456.4 cal
Swamp Monster

Rode to "Picture Person" art volunteering at Aquila and Cedar Manor...then to Trader Joe's and home via the Gary Fisher Alfresco winter bike. I took off the cyclocross tires that I used for winter and replaced them with 700x23 Continental Gator Skins...feels much faster now...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

14.6 miles - Commute/Trader Joes - 26/42 degrees - 4/7/09

14.6 miles
18.0 avg

Cleaned the Poprad at work's that feeling on the bike, which is the same as a car - after the wash everything feels smoother and faster....very quick but an enjoyable ride home from work!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

32.3 miles - Errands/Backwards Minnehaha/River Pkwy/Greenway - 41 degrees - 4/3/09

32.3 miles
32.2 max
16.9 avg

I noticed how squeaky people's bikes are and I also noticed that people buy really expensive bikes that don't fit them, or don't have them fitted to them properly. Buy some detergent and some lube people!!! And take your bikes to your local shop and ask them for a fitting!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

6 miles - Errands - 41 degrees - 4/2/09

6 miles
Fisher Burley Puller

Thatcher and went for a ride to the Rec Center to pick up a key for the Louisiana Oaks Pavilion. He REALLY loves his new bike - the Trek 7.6fx. I am glad he enjoys it. Then in the evening I rode over to the neighborhood meeting and then returned the Redbox DVD...the newly built Gary Fisher Tassahara Burley puller works great. I am really enjoying riding it. Unfortunately the front derailleur is giving me problems and on the way home the drive-side crank loosened up. I don't think it is chronic, but I am carrying a crank wrench with me anyway...

24.5 miles - SW Corridor/Cedar Lake Tr/Downtown/Riv Pkwy/Greenway - 41 degrees - 4/2/09

24.5 miles
17.0 avg
33.1 max

A very tired ride with what seemed like a very strong NW headwind...its nice to ride without a lot of water covering the trails...toes got really cold for some reason...I also drew the conclusion that I do not like Continental Ultra Sport road tires. I much prefer the Gator Skins..they both wear and ride much better. The Ultra Sports seem to be very slow...