Saturday, August 29, 2009

18.4 miles - Greenway to River and back - 65 degrees - 8/29/09

18.4 miles
27.8 max
18.6 avg

First solo ride for awhile...had to fit one in and of course, got chewed out by the was a nice ride though... a bit chilly for late August....

27.81 miles - Riding with the boys/pulling the Burley - 2 days

27.81 miles
avg 8.4
24.4 max
443.2 cal

Trek 790 Burley puller/Trail-a-bike/Burley

We had a fun few days. One days I rode with the whole crew about twelve miles through Hopkins and around through SLP, hence the extremely slow avg speed!!

11.2 miles - Commute - 8/26/09

11.2 miles
17.3 avg
31.1 max

10 miles - commute/ride w/ boys to and from the Jones' - 8/25/09

10 miles
1978 Trek touring bike

It was a blast riding the 4 miles home with the boys in the dark!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

16.3 miles - Commute/back to work to get cell - 8/18/09

16.3 miles
17.7 avg
28.9 avg

Cleaned the chain and cassette today after work....really need to replace them....they have about 2500 miles or more on them....

19.9 miles - Hub Bike Coop via the Greenway - 8/17/09

19.9 miles
17.2 avg
25.1 max

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

32.9 miles - yard sailing Hopkins/Edina/Richfield - 8/13/09

32.9 miles
30.1 max
15.5 avg

Yard sailed through Hopkins, Edina and Richfield. Bought a bike, a bouncy chair for Kian, and a chainsaw. It was hot as shit and even though I was yard sailing I got a good workout!

9.98 miles - Dinner at Noodles w/ Liam/Lake Calhoun/Trader Joe's - 8/12/09

9.98 miles
avg 11.4
max 17.9
cal 205.3
Trek 790 w/ ride-a-long

Pulled Liam (he's 6 years old now) for the first time this year on our Adam's trail-a-bike. Last year we put many many miles on that thing and this year it is just not cool anymore. All that aside, we had a great time on the floating pier on Lake Calhoun and at Noodles for dinner. I really enjoyed some quality time with my middle child!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

33.0 miles - Minnetonka Blvd/Plymouth/101/Mntka Blvd/Exelsior Blvd/Mtka Blvd/Hopkins - 8/12/09

33.0 miles
34.8 max
17.2 avg

Very warm ride...had high hopes of a 50 plus day way out into the western burbs, but got bogged down with the family in the morning (no regrest of course) and got started late. I sort of zig-zagged everywhere and learned a few new routes...overall a good ride!

20.8 miles - Commute x2 - 8/10 - 8/11/09

20.8 miles
17.3 avg
32.0 max

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

40.43 miles - Loretto/Baker Park Loop/19-Independence Rd loop - Noodles/Dunn Bros/Whole Foods/Lake Calhoun - 8/4/09

40.43 total miles for the day

21.5 miles
18.6 avg
30.1 max

Wonderful ride around Lake Independence. Independence Rd is a great and very quiet place to ride. I saw a Bald Eagle perched on a dead tree by the road. I was about 20 feet from him/her. It just was checking me out. It was kind of scraggly - maybe a young bird or diseased, but still majestic and beautiful!

avg 11.8
max 18.3
cal 392.5
Trek 790 Burley Puller

Took Kian to dinner at Noodles & Co., Whole Foods and the Dunn Bros on Hennepin tonight. He had a decent ride....he typically dozed off a few times. But I think he had a good time. It was great spending time with him. I miss spending time with the other boys when they were this age. They all have different qualities and personalities - even at this early age.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

19.3 miles - Baker Park Reserve/Baker Park loop/loop around Lake Independence - 8/4/09

19.3 miles
18.2 avg
34.6 max

Sluggish (i.e., not in the mood) start with the wind in my face and then got into the rythmn and felt good. Warning: Jackass alert around the 6.2 mile Baker Park Loop. Look out for inline skaters riding on the qwrong side of the trail!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

18.0 miles - Loretto to Lake Indendence 6 mile loop twice/back to Loretto - 8/3/09

18.0 miles
30.3 max
19.3 avg
Stealth Trek

Maybe being out in the country brings the average speed up, but I was totally flying the whole trip...I will doing the Loretto area rides this week while my kids and wife are at Camp Iduhapi...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

24.8 miles - Commute/Chipotle/Minnetonka Mills - 8/1/09

24.8 miles
33.0 max
17.0 avg
Stealth Trek

String headwinds were annoying on my morning commute....