Friday, July 18, 2008

Greenpeace with ride-a-long attached

I bought this Gary Fisher Tassahara mountain bike new in 2000.

It has been a great bike.

I installed the XT rear derailluer last year after the original LX failed.

It has Continental high pressure (85psi) road tires on a cheapie rear wheel that I replaced because the freehub died. On the front I have a Deore.

Right now I have the cheapie Wellgo pedals with SPD's on one side and standard pedal on the other.

The crappie Manitou fork will probably last awhile because I don't want it to...this bike is on my "no sale" list because it has simply been too good to me!!!

It is decked out with the seat post rack and Trek Interchange got to be prepared with the kids in tow!!!

The Adams trail-a-bike that we call a "ride-a-long" has a nice handy rear rack.

I took off the dangerous original handlebar and attached a vintage bar that Liam appreciates much beter than the clunky BMX style bar that came on the thing...he also gets a bottle holder and an Incredibell...

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