Wednesday, April 28, 2010

11.5 miles - Cedar Lake Trail quick route - 4/27/10

11.5 miles
26.1 max
19.0 avg

Black Trek

Had time for a quickie and I am catching a cold, which will most certainly put a damper on an already slow start to putting on some miles this spring....oh well!! At least my average speed hit 19.0 for the first time this year, although the ride was only 11 miles. That is a little more difficult to accomplish on the old Trek...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 miles - Grenway to River and back/Walgreens for Redbox movie - 4/26/10

20.0 miles
18.3 avg
27.5 max

Black Trek

It was chilly.....

15.64 miles - Coffee Run/Ben and Jerry's - 4/26/10

15.64 miles
10.0 avg
max 19.0

Trek 790 w/ Burley

I took Kian for a bag of coffee at Dunn Bros in Uptown the other day and on the 26th I took the kids down to Ben and Jerry's to get some ice cream...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

19.83 miles - Errands (picture person/shop/Trader Joe's) - 4/21/10

19.83 miles
13.1 avg
22.2 max
459.1 Cal

Trek 790 w/ Burley

Used the Burley the other day to get some groceries. Today I used it to get Kian and me to Picture Person art presentations at the Aquila School and to go to the shop and check my schedule.

18 miles - MTB ride to Theo Wirth (x1) - 4/20/10

18 miles
24.3 max


The first time I have been on the mountain bike for about a year and a half. I installed the new-in-box XT 8 speed shifters, cassette, Race Lite grips, Bontrager Crowbar handlebar, Bontrager Jones tires, new Deore front wheel, LX/Mavic SUP rear wheel, Avid brake levers and a new chain sometime last year. The next thing to do is install a new fork. For the amount of off-road riding I do there is no need for me to buy a new bike.

It was a great ride. I rode around Brownie lake on my way home. It was really enjoyable.

I am going to create a very small MTB trail around South Oak Lake in my 'hood for Liam to ride around.

Monday, April 19, 2010

13.3 miles - Commute/Ridgedale library - 4/16/10

13.3 miles
18.0 avg
34.2 max

Black Trek

Went ot the library before work. Overpumped my front tire and almost had it come off the bead and blow. I stopped and let out some air. By the time I got out of the library it had reseated itself. What a friggin' beautiful day outside!!!!!

8.4 miles - Commute - 4/16/10

8.4 miles
17.3 avg
31.9 max

Black Trek

Thursday, April 15, 2010

7.8 miles - Commute - 4/16/10

7.8 miles
16.9 avg
29.3 max

Black Trek

Crazy strong headwing going to work today....easier going home but chilly...

11.4 miles - commute/Sprint store -

11.4 miles
15.4 avg
29.3 max

Trek 520

Chose to work the morning instead of taking a I have a sore back and can't run at the gym.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

22.2 miles - Commute/ Williston Extension both ways - 4/11/10

22.2 miles
17.8 avg
37.6 max

Black Trek

The "Hilliston" hills don't seem to hit me that hard this year. Maybe it is from running two miles every other day. I think that running improves cardio for biking. At least I feel that my running routine seems to help my biking. Anyway, those hills were easy and not so strenuous.

I am NOT digging my Louis Garneau gloves that I just purchased. The mesh on the palms is very slippery on the inside and my hands feel like they are slipping off of the hood constantly. I'll keep an eye on it and do a full review later in the season.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

13.0 miles - Commute/Noodles & Co - 4/10/10

13 miles
17.9 avg
28.6 max

Black Trek

It was nice being able to ride something under 32 lbs. The 520 is a tank - but I still love it. The new chain and cassette (11-23) is now functioning fine. Guse and Doug diagnosed my shifting dilemma as not adjusting the tension for the switch from 27 to 23 big gear on the cog. Now it shifts gggggreat!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

19.71 miles - Burley pullin'/Errands - misc days

19.71 miles
9.7 avg
22.0 max
381.7 cal

Trek 790 w/ Burley

Mostly ridfing with the kiids around the 'hood and a trip on the 9th to pick up my paycheck at work.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Portland knocked out of #1 spot for bike-friendly cities - slide show included

Portland knocked out of #1 spot for bike-friendly cities - slide show included

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7.6 miles - Commute - 4/7/10

7.6 miles
15.3 avg
29.0 max

Trek 520

The 520 weighs in at 32 pounds unloaded...its a virtual tank. Brought home my Black Trek and the wheels and handlebars from the Madone...gotta get that sweet beast roling sooner rather than later! I also baought a sram 10 speed chain and a Rival 11/23 cassette for the Black Trek today. We'll see how that changes the sloppiness in the shifting. I still have to work on getting the fit right on the Black Trek.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

14.3 miles - YMCA - 4/5/10

14.3 miles
16.0 avg
31.2 max

Trek 520

Chilly ride to Ridgedale Y and home....went close to 4 days without using my car!!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

22.6 miles - Greenway/River/MPLS/Cedar Lake/Hutch-Spur - 4/4/10

22.6 miles
16.7 avg
26.6 max

Trek 520

Love riding the 520. I had a 19.1 avg speed with the wind at my back when I hit the river. I am hoping that I can keep my avg speed up to nearly 20+MPH for these short rides when I get my Madone put together. Beautiful day. Maybe its my age, but I seem to see the scenery and the people differently lately. I don't know why and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

290 miles in January and February 2010 = 395 miles total thus far for 2010

17.6 miles - commuite x 2 - 3/29/10 and 4/2/10

17.6 miles
14.4 avg
28.9 max

Trek 520

Low avg speed because I had - not a flat - but a blowout on Louisianna Ave on my way home friday, and I had to walk the bike for about 1.5 miles.