Sunday, February 22, 2009

12 miles - Commute/Trader Joe's - 2/22/09

12 miles
Swamp Monster

8 miles - Commute - 15 degrees - 2/21/09

8 miles
Swamp Monster

5 inches of fresh snow...a little slow going but good roads on the ride home...

Friday, February 20, 2009

19.14 miles - SW Corridor/Theo Wirth/Cedar Lake/Calhoun/Trader Joe's - 23 degrees - 2/20/09

19.14 miles
avg 17.1
max 30.9
cal 654.4

Not a good idea to ride the Poprad, but I was crazy to ride a real bike that was fast and responsive....although the road salts may compromise the was worth it. I love that bike!! I had to ride slow around a lot of ice and my cardio needs to get back up to par....

8 miles - Commute - 5/16 degrees - 2/20/09

8 miles
Trek "Winter" bike

Thursday, February 19, 2009

36.24 miles - Commute x 2/errands/extensions - 2/14-16/09

36.24 miles
avg 16.4
max 31 9
cal 1215.1
Trek 330 single speed

Everything is frozen and dry, therefore, it makes a great time to use a bike other than the Swamp Monster...I changed the tires on the SS out to Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires, which have been fantastic tires for the SS 330...we will see how they hold out throughout the Spring and Summer months...

12.4 miles - Commute - 2/13/09

12.4 miles
15.9 avg
28.4 max
396.1 cal
Swamp Monster
Wish I would've rode the SS...

Monday, February 9, 2009

18 miles - Commute/Mini Hops - 30 degrees - 2/08/09

18 miles
Swamp Monster

Commuted to work...left early to go and see Liam's first gymnastics meet at Mini Hops in Minnetonka/Wayzata....very tired ride...I bailed coming into the neighbohrood on the way home - 4th wipeout on ice this season.

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 miles - Greenway/W River Prkwy/Downtown/Bryn Mar/Cedar Lake/SW Corridor - 37 degrees - 2/06/09

25 Miles
Swamp Monster
1.75 hours

Great ride. but not long enough!! I flatted when I reached the end of the Greenway. Luckily, I am alwaysd prepared with extra gloves, tube, etc... There was a peice of glass about .5 centimeters in width sticking out of my front tire - right down the center line.
I was going to take my Trek 330 single speed, but I am glad I didn't because the ice and slush was very problematic, even for my cyclocross tires on the Monster. I stopped and had dinner at First Wok with my wife, Liam and Kian (the baby) and rode home very chilly from the sweat. I am looking forward to more rides in the next few months...
PS: Saw a lot of commuters in full gear...mostly riding squeaky shitboxes and fixies, but I did see a cool Pugsley all decked out for winter commmuting...

Monday, February 2, 2009

12 miles - Commute - 27/28 degrees - 2/01/09

12 miles
Swamp Monster

Took some extra roads to extend the ride a bit...wiped out on the ice coming out of the neighborhood onto the SW Corridor...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January 2009 - 90 Miles

....with many horrific hours on the indoor trainer at home and at the gym....