Sunday, July 8, 2012

187.9 miles - 2012 3 day trip - 7/5-7/8/12

2012 bike trip notes: DAY ONE: -20 miles from home to Hariet Isl. -4.5 miles from Hariet Isl. to Gateway Trail -2:10PM - holiday stop at snowman=$4.20 -mile 42.6 is the end of the Gateway Trail -mile 48.3 is Stillwater. The heat is really getting to me. -$16.00 at Leo's Grill and Malt Shop -$3 for an espresso at The Daily Grind -$3 water at Luckys -63.5 miles to Willow River. Stuck in the storm, took a wrong turn and chafed like hell. DAY TWO: Terrible sleep due to a large storm. Got up at 5ish and again at 7:46. -3oatmeal packs and coffee for breakfast. -depart at 10AM -$1 for 2 bananas -Somerset, WI - 74 miles(10 miles from Willow River) -Osceola at 88 miles - cute little town. 6:12:11 hours 14.1 avg 33.6 max -rest stop at Holiday in Osceola 88.8 miles -$13 at WalMart 99.7 miles at Taylors Falls -Romayne's in Taylors Falls = $10.50 for a Western burger....not even close to as good as the black and blue burger yesterday. -$2.50 for a water and Gatorade -114 miles at the campsite in Wild River State Park 13.8 avg 33.6 max 8:11:50 DAY THREE: Up at 7:10AM On the road at 9AM -$8.50 on sunscreen 11AM at the Washington Cty border 7 miles south of Lindstrom on Olinda Trail 136.9 miles 14.1 avg 33.6 max 9:40:57 -Scandia (139.8 miles)at 11:30AM ... $6 on nut roll Gatorade and two waters...stomach hunger pangs Gateway Trailhead 150.7 miles 14.2 avg 33.6 max 10:34:07 - looks like the trail is going to be full of newbies and families-what fun... -$2 bottle of water at snowman -$21 at Birchwood Cafe -HOME 5PM 187.9 miles 14.2 avg 33.6 max 13:09:43 Day one: 63.5 miles Day two: 50.5 miles Day three: 73.9 miles 187.9 total miles

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