Friday, October 24, 2008

24.83 miles - Commute/Cedar lake Extension/Dinkytown on the way home - 10/24/08

24.83 miles
avg 16.3
max 27.4
cal 798.5
Trek 330 single speed

Wow...I am going to take more night rides. I took Cedar Lake Rd and crossed Cedar Lake Bike Trail via the walking bridge that leads to Cedar Lake. Then I rode over to Lake of the Isles and stopped at the canal bridge overlooking the lake with a full view of downtown - it was serene, urban and beautiful. I sat for a while and enjoyed the silence. I got a little mixed in Downtown, but eventually made it across the Hennepin Bridge and into Dinkytown. The sights and the feel of the city were sensational. It makes one appreciate Minneapolis and the various connectivity in the suburbs.

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