Sunday, December 23, 2012

18 miles - commute/ Theo ia RR tracks/ back home through Dakota Park - 15 degrees - 12/23/12

18 miles - 9zero7 - Theo was icy from some douchers walking on the soft wet snow. Pretty crappy conditions so I turned around after about a mile on the trail. I've GOT to do somethinga bout the cold feet issue. I tried a triple layer sock that only last 45 minutes, which is what the double layer sock lasts. Weighed the fatbike in at 33lb 7oz yesterday. That's with pedals, sideswipe cages and the small blinky lights. next year I will upgrade to SRAM x9 10 speed drivetrain and add the Carver carbon fork (unless another option becomes available). A nice carbon or Thompson seat post will also help take a bit off the bike.

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